This 5 letter word is the secret to Success

This 5 letter word is the secret to Success.

Success, There is no doubt that everyone wants to achieve it.

But what are the secrets you need to achieve true success?

And how do you go about achieving true success?

Everyone has his/her own definition of being successful but there is one major secret that will decide whether you succeed or fail extremely in life if you choose to follow it.

That major secret is simply to have focus in whatever you do. How many times do you find yourself in situations where you are overloaded with ideas? And how many times do you find yourself being unsure of what to do with those ideas? The key is not to discard those ideas, rather to consolidate them and then focus on just one or a few of the ideas.

Once you have focused on an idea, you must be completely persistent and focused to resist making too many changes. A few changes here and there are alright but making too much will only slow down your rate of success. Always remember that being focused means you must know the exact path or direction you want to and will be taking once you decide on an idea or a few ideas and not deviate away from it. And once you are clear of the exact path or direction to take, it will definitely steer you towards taking the right and effective actions towards transforming that idea or ideas into a successful reality.

Focus is not just limited to our ideas or plans. In fact, focus is very much linked and very significant to most of the activities or things you do in your life. Let me demonstrate my point with a simple illustration of embarking on a successful online business experience. When you create an online business, it definitely has to be very focused to attract the right traffic and generate sales.

Focus, the simple nevertheless effective secret to achieving success. Do not stray too much from your initial idea and fight the temptation to make too many changes. There is no doubt that you will definitely obtain the benefits of success and get more things done if you remain focused.

Focus doesn’t come naturally for most people. It’s a skill that must be learned, polished and practiced. There is a process you can follow to acquire it as a skill:

1. Become aware of the need to improve your focusing skills.

2. Make a conscious decision to invest the time and energy needed to improve.

3. Practice and train your mind to concentrate.

4. Implement your new skills and make them routine.

The first step toward improving is becoming aware of your level of focus.

To start improving, you must conduct an inventory of

what you believe about your ability to concentrate. To help better understand the strategic nature of focus, I urge you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How well do you focus throughout the day?
  • How well do you prioritize?
  • How many minutes a day do you lose because of distractions?

Getting to the bottom of these issues is the first step you must take to discover the strategic nature of focus. Most people don’t think of focus as a strategic skill, so they haven’t spent much time examining how good they are at it. When you don’t treat it as a strategic issue, minimizing its importance is easy. Soon you’re ignoring it altogether. Your ability to concentrate is related to how well you avoid and eliminate distractions.

People who lack intense focus approach it as a time-management issue or an organizational challenge. But it’s neither. Your ability to concentrate is related to how well you avoid and eliminate distractions. You become distracted whenever you allow something to enter your mind that takes you away from your tasks. Don’t worry, it’s natural to get distracted. Your ability to overcome disruptions depends on your ability to think in ways that will counteract what comes so naturally. It’s about establishing priorities. To do that effectively, you have to be able to control the distractions that bombard your mind.

How well do you focus? Only one objective standard can measure your ability in this area, and that standard involves the ability to consistently complete predetermined objectives on time. People who are consistently late for meetings and in finishing tasks have a focus deficiency. I’m not saying you will never experience times when you have more on your plate than you can handle; I’m talking about when those conditions are a way of life. Some people are always harried and behind on work.

Take a closer look at the priorities you established and the specific things you intended to finish each day. Make a list of the priorities and tasks you did not complete on the day in question, and then ask yourself what caused you to not complete the work you prioritized. The answers to those questions are your primary distractions.

Regardless of how legitimate they look, if they hindered your ability to finish work, they were distractions. You should now have enough information to understand how much you need to improve. Your journal will expose your focus challenge, and you should be able to commit to improving your skills.

So FOCUS on what you can control and what makes you HAPPY.