“GOD” – I have seen him several times

Where is “GOD”?

The Ultimate Question….

Where is God? Have you ever asked that question? Most of us have, at one time or another. The answer has more to do with his presence in our lives than with belief in his existence. We want to know — where is GOD when we are hurt, or where is GOD when something goes severely wrong in our life? Our conclusions depend on what we rely on as a benchmark for truth in our lives.

Where is God? In today’s world, it’s easy for us to think that we suffer alone. But if you have wondered where GOD is, so has someone else. Now that you know who He is and where He is, you can help someone else know where GOD is, too.

Where is God? There’s a popular song that says GOD is watching from a distance. Or you may have heard Him referred to as a higher power, the man upstairs or a divine imminence.

After reading this title “Where is GOD?” then immediately don’t put me or think about me that I’m an Atheist, then you are totally mistaken, I’m truly GOD believer and I saw GOD so many times on so many occasions. Again if you think that I’m fooling you then again you are mistaken. Because I saw GOD so many times in the other “Person” whoever helped me whenever I’m in trouble or in a problem.

I strongly believe that GOD will never ever come in front of US, We should not wait for GOD  to help and support, because he supports us through the other person. Almighty GOD is always there for us.

We always think “why am I the only one always facing a lot of problems”, if you ask anyone in this world the same question then you will get a story of his/her experience with good and bad phases. So we should not think that we are the only one facing all these problems, NO everyone has problems and their own issues.

Now we will think about problems and worries, where do these problems arise from? Who created all these? Who send those problems? Why these problems came and how? By this time you may have got an answer for your worries. When we were born we didn’t know anything about all these and it did not come along with us because all these are created by us so definitely we have solutions for all our problems. 90% of our problems will vanish if we sit across the table and discuss. Instead of finding the ways, we always curse the society and other people, neighbors and blame GOD as well.

If we try to find a solution then surely we will get answer from GOD through some manner. A small story I want to share with you on this occasion:

Once upon a time, a Priest staying in a small village, he is a very honest GOD believer and always prays GOD. One day there was heavy rain and storm, the village was drowned, one rescue ship came and asked priest to come with them but he refused and he told that he is praying to GOD, he will come to save my life, then the ship left, he started praying to GOD , later one boat came along with few villagers, they also requested him but he told the same and waited for GOD to rescue him and finally one person came with a wooden log floating and requested him to come and sit with him, he requested a lot but the priest denied and again started praying, The last person also left. Meanwhile the water was rising too and the priest drowned and dragged along with the flood, he cried for GOD, asking GOD why have you not rescued me and I’m praying daily very sincerely then why have you ignored me, then he heard a voice of GOD “my dear son I came three times but you refused, now you lost all your chances”. So moral of the story is “GOD will come in any manner but you have to recognize him on time”

Every problem has one solution also the same way everywhere GOD is there in some form. So whoever is helping us is a form of GOD , he will stay in the heart of this person, if he follows ethics of life. GOD will stay in the heart of a person who is helping others without any expectation.

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\th (8).jpg So now each and every person must think “how many times have we helped others?” how many times have we stayed like GOD’s pupil, I mean that there will be people out there on the sidewalk or in the elevator or waiting for a bus or for some other reason struggling for help, have you ever helped anyone without thinking anything and unintentionally.

So now we have to think how many times we have taken help from others and how many times have we met God’s messenger….

Now I hope we have an answer for where is “GOD”?