What is happy life? and What is perfect life style?

C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Healthy-Lifestyle-Wheel-Fullpage-web.jpgWhat is happy life? and What is perfect life style?

Dream and Design for your ideal life

Normally so many people often worry about after retirement and they save maximum amount and time. OR so many people think that they can enjoy life after 10 or 15years, so these 15 years we will work hard, who knows where you will end up after 15years. We never know what is going to happens in next minute, but we all leave with a HOPE, Of course, Money is necessary but you are losing your young age. What would it take to have this NOW or this year, So, stop waiting! dream your future & design your life style.

This Article will help you to design your ideal life, read carefully then you design a plan to reach that.

Create a picture of your ideal lifestyle. Assume money is not an issue i.e. you have plenty. You can worry about HOW to get your picture later. Now dream!


Self-Care: How you want to keep your body? Plan your exercise, walking and diet, do Yoga and meditation every day, try to breath fresh air early morning. start your day early so you can plan and enjoy your lengthy day. Always keep fit, be cool, think positive. Enjoy your bath, wear fresh ironed cloths, dress perfectly and use deo or perfume, that will keep you fresh. Self-care is very important because if you are healthy and in good mood then your whole day will be happy, if you are happy then your decisions and thought process will also perfect.

Dream Home: Where you want to live, in a city or in a village. Independent house or flat. What climate you like? What type of bed room you like? What interior you want? How you want to keep your yard? What type of car? You dream your perfect HOME. Your tidy and selected interior will always give you positive vibes, keep your mood fresh and boost your energy.

C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Lifestyle_Coaching_By_Swetha_Jairam_Way_Of_Life_Studio.png Relationship: How you want your relationship? Parents always your first well-wishers in this world. So keep them happy and take their blessing so that will give you positive vibes. Dream about your life partner and search for the right one who can understand you entirely. Keep good friends who have same wavelengths so you can share everything. Don’t let your history block you here. Create the ‘ideal’ relationships!

Career: What do you think that you would be good at? So, in your perfect world, is there a job you would enjoy? What would you create or make? What service would you provide? What kinds of things have you enjoyed in past careers? Always select your career of your own choice so you can enjoy your work and you can give your 100% output, then money follows. Always assume that you have plenty of


money, this will give you positive vibes thus you will get what you want.

Enjoyment: What do you do in your ideal lifestyle? Garden? Paint? Fishing? Bushwalk? When you gather with friends or family, what do you do? Do you travel? Where? How often? What do you do when traveling? Always do what will give you happy.

Purpose of life: If the rest of your life was perfect and handled, to whom would you contribute? To your family? The environment? The Community? Child welfare? How would you contribute? Donate money, time or your knowledge? What legacy would you like to leave behind when you die?

The first, and most important step, is to create the picture, dream and plan for that. This alone increases the chance of it happening without you doing anything. However, if you’re willing to take action, and are up for the game of creating your perfect lifestyle, then


  • pick an area to start on
  • write the top ten actions required to handle that area
  • do two things in this week!

*Dream and Do a perfect Design for your ideal life*